Twenty20 Mendocino

We hail from the small village of Laytonville in the heart of Mendocino County, California. We come from a time when the cannabis community was resilient, adaptable and most importantly, unified.  We hid in the shadows and planted under the trees but we always stood together.  Breeding was very much a group effort.  Over the course of 50+ years, countless cultivars were imported from all over the planet and tested in our outdoor sun. Only the best were kept and shared.  Certain regions were known for their strains and named after the neighborhood or the breeder. Season after season this process continued,  this was selective breeding at it’s finest. At Twenty20 we have been an integral part of this process and we are still carrying the torch. We believe in cannabis access for everyone. We believe that sharing genetics to keep this process alive. We know that we are only a small part of the intricate web of cannabis evolution that has been ongoing since the dawn of civilization.

WAAVE Compliance