Mass Medical Strains

Mass Medical Strains is a collective of atoms working together living in harmony creating a unique positive vibration. All plants are grown and bred 100% organically with no additives. Mass Medical Strains believes in copying nature as much as possible, to stay wholesome and true to our souls, health, and the environment. Most plants are grown with nothing but soil and water, as nature intended. Mass Medical Strains shares a deep connection with the plant and breed based on knowledge passed down from elders and role models, as well as personal experience and strong intuition, creativity, and passion. Our sacred bond with this plant, as well as very high standards and a love for rare genetics fuels Mass Medical Strains passion to breed the best unique plants. Unique effects and flavors are some of Mass Medical Strains top priorities for their unique strains, keeping them special and extremely enjoyable.

WAAVE Compliance