Hawaiian Budline


With over 30 years of growing experience, we know how to get the best out of our plants. Using the natural gifts of Hawaii, Hawaiian Budline’s facility is located on the edge of an ancient tropical Hawaiian rainforest on the slopes of an Pacific Ocean mountain range. Our seeds are climatized to a diverse range of growing conditions. The combination of earth and experience generate reliable, unique and powerful seeds that will prosper and produce in a number of different environments.

The Seeds

We take the best seeds in the world and cultivate them in a variety of growing conditions.

The Soil

We use 100% organic volcanic soil dense in naturally time released nutrients.

The Water

Rainwater from the nearby mountain enriches our seeds with a unique blend of minerals.

The Air

Daily temperatures that ranges from 55 to 85 degree’s, along with humidity between 40% to 80%, our seeds can sustain successful grow rates in most if not all standard living conditions.

WAAVE Compliance