Luscious Genetics Reward Points

Looking for more information regarding the Luscious Genetics reward points program? Check out the information below!

Luscious Genetics Reward points

Luscious Genetics would like to reward you for deciding to place an order with us by returning the favor and issuing reward points that can be redeemed on future orders!

How many reward points do you earn with each order?

You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent!  

Watch out for double or triple reward point promotions!

How do you redeem reward points?

You have a few options on how you can redeem your rewards points. 

On the top of the checkout page there will be a display with your current reward points amount.  Once you scroll down a bit more there will be a field to redeem your points on the order. 

You also have the ability to pay for the entire order via points if you have accrued enough reward points. If you have the adequate amount of points to pay for the order you will be able to selece the Luscious Genetics Reward Points Payment Gateway at the bottom of the checkout page.

Do my reward points expire?

At this time Luscious Genetics reward points are valid for 1 year once the order has reached a completed(shipped) status.

Is it possible to cash out reward points?

Luscious Genetics Reward points hold no actual value outside of luscious genetics dot com. Reward points can only be used by redeeming them for their appraised value on an order from Luscious Genetics.

How many reward points do I have?

If you have previously placed an order and have an active account with Luscious Genetics you can log into your account and view your accrued points in your dashboard. 

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