Breeder Freebies

Check out what freebies we have from Luscious Genetics and all of our breeders we carry today!

 Current Luscious Genetics Freebie Options, 1:1 per pack purchased of one of the below:

  • Gelato Freebies

Want specific breeder freebies with your purchase? Add a note to the order with the freebie selection and we will try to make that happen, while supplies last!*

Current Breeder Specific Freebies:

Artifact Genetics – Olga’s Cake Full Freebie Pack(OLGA x LA Bubble Cake)*

Bean Drop Genetics 

  • 5 Bean Chitapon Green Freebie pack(Northern Lights x GSC) with Pudding Cake, Better Made Cookies, Traverse Cherries, Boozie, Top Hat, and King Lucious packs
  • 12+ Free beans of one of the following with Devil Runtz packs!
  1. Downriver #12(Chem ‘ 91 x Lavender x White Rhino)
  2. Vanilla Bay(Eastside OG x Bay 11
  3. Popsicle(Cherry Pie x Bay 11

    Blasted Genetics – Modified Mimosa Freebie Pack(Mimosa x Modified Grapes)*
    Calco Genetics

    • Phantom GDP x Blueberry Syrup
    • Sour Sunset Sunset Humble Pie x Blueberry Syrup.

    Envy Genetics

    • Wilmaa(Fruity Pebbles OG x Cali Sunset) with select packs of Envy Genetics purchased!*
    • SunnyB(Sunana Berry x BlowpopsBx1) with select packs of Envy Genetics purchased!*

    Exotic Genetix – Dilly Bars(Mint Chip x Cookies & Cream IX3) Freebie with Cookies & Cream IX3 or cross pack.*
    Genetic Avenue Seeds – Packs comes with a mystery freebie which could be one of the following*:

    • imPEACHment(MAC x Peach Crescendo)
    • Peach CrescenDough(Dank Dough x Peach Crescendo)
    • Peach Crescendo F1
    • Peach Jam(Traffic Jam x Peach Crescendo)
    • Brass Monkey(Monkey Spunk x Peach Crescendo)

    Jaws Genetics

    • Mystery Piece #2 x Fruity Pebble OF F2 F1’s
    • Cookie Hybrid x Orange Banana Cookies F1’s
    • Cookies x Fruity Pebble OG F2 F1’s

    Lawless Breed Genetics – 

    Mass Medical Strains

    • Purple Sponge(Watermelon Star Pupil x Prayer Pupil)*
    • Pak Man(Praying Mantix x Sawbi Pakistani)*
    • Deadly Swabi(Deadly Sativa x Swabi)*
    • Valedictorian(Star Pupil x Mendo Purps x Pakistani)*

    Phantom Fire Genetics – 6 Papaya F2 beans*

    Skunk House Genetics – 3 Candied Lemons beans(Wedding Pie x Larry OG F8)* With select packs!*
    Surfr Seeds – Free Full Pack of one of the following:


    *While supplies last*