Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics’ ultimate dream was to create cannabis strains that not only preserved the essence of marijuana but also gave them a fresh expression. They embarked on a passionate journey, dedicating years to breeding, collecting, and cultivating rare genetics to craft the most exceptional strains imaginable. Whether you’re a medical patient seeking relief or a recreational user looking for an extraordinary experience, their extensive collection has something for everyone. Now, Compound Genetics is thrilled to share their meticulously curated cannabis seed collection with the rest of the world, offering a gateway to unparalleled sensations for enthusiasts worldwide. By employing the rigorous practices of phenohunting, collecting, and collaboration, Compound Genetics artfully combines rare and sought-after flavors, resulting in the finest cannabis strains available today. Their unwavering commitment to the plant, coupled with their exclusive library of genetics, allows them to craft unique expressions that embody the pinnacle of aroma, taste, and overall experience.

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