Sativa, Indica, And The Lies In-between

Nov 25, 2020 | Entertainment

We all have that one friend….”Sleepy Tom” we can call him. He’s at the house party, perfectly composed with his lightly alcoholic seltzer, until he decides to take a single hit of OG Kush. A few short minutes later, and he is shamefully passed out and drooling in all directions, quickly becoming a canvas the rest of the party-goers to Sharpie dicks on. The next morning, Tom swears off all “OG Kush” and “Indica” strains, blameful of the varieties for the powerfully sedative properties that contributed to his early demise.
Does he have a point?

Here is the truth; every strain and phenotype has a unique cannabinoid profile that hosts a broad array of compounds that do not fall into simple “sativa” or “indica” designations. Modern polyhybrid strains are many generations removed from the original landrace genetics from which they were derived. “Sativa” or “Indica” really does not mean much with modern
weed; rather, they are broad generalizations which are by-products of the natural human desire to categorize. “Sativa” and “Indica” has also been popularized as standard nomenclature in Cannabis culture, while also being utilized as a commercial marketing strategy.

While certain strains might make you sleepy, swearing off all varieties is silly. THC percentage, time of consumption, and contributing alcohol use create the perfect storm for the average Sleeping Tom. The beauty of Cannabis is in the variety; an endless array of genetic combinations play host to an unimaginable range of smells and effects.