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  1. My local store had some Phoenix Lights flower I was able to try a few weeks back, and I loved it. Was looking forward to this pack but unfortunately, I was disappointed with the results. Only 3 of the 12 seeds actually germinated, which was frustrating considering the cost of the pack. I feel it’s important to note that the pack is labeled for 2021 and it is now 2023.

    However, I will say that the 3 plants that did sprout seem to be healthy and growing well so far. It’s too early to tell how they will turn out in the long run, but I’m hopeful that they will be high-quality plants.

    Image #1 from Dee
  2. Got my purchase and house freebie. Didn’t get my breeder freebie. The site showed the freebie available when I made my purchase. Conveniently changed before my purchase was delivered. Verify before making purchase.

  3. Im Happy to get something for free with my order, but tbh and if you want my true feedback, i ordered Fem seeds so i would have rather had a fem seed freebie, these regular seeds will sit in my drawer and may never see dirt.

  4. got two of the same… thank you Luscious

  5. Don’t grow regular seeds

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